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We Put First Responders First

Sometimes good people can find themselves in challenging situations.

Our team has experience in several areas of law and we’ll work with you to get the best possible outcome.

Administrative Defense

When your job is on the line, it's important to have attorneys that can guide you through the internal investigation and administrative process to protect your job or your employability. We've defended numerous first responders whose job were on the line through IA investigations, the disciplinary process, administrative appeals, and civil service appeals.
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Critical Incident Response

When police officers are forced to use deadly force, the next few hours and days may be the most important of that officer’s life. We've represented and defended numerous officers in those pivotal hours. Our attorneys have experience with police officers and prosecution, and know how to guide those officers through the critical incident process.
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Criminal Defense

Sometimes first responders and good people get charged with crimes. Whether it comes from a false accusation or a mistake, the attorneys of Front Line Law have the background and experience to defend those people through the criminal courts. Our attorneys have worked with military personnel, law enforcement officers, and other first responders who have been prosecuted.
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